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(Document Date)
Author # of Pages File Size Comments
RJ0000 The Global Data Base for Climatic Research
Roy Jenne 201 12347kb Rpt-WMO f/GARP Rev 1/04  
RJ0001 Summary of Activities During the March 1997 - March 1998 Period
Roy Jenne 9 617kb  
RJ0002 The Evolution of Supercomputing at NCAR
Paul Rotar 33 1697kb NCAR Comp history  
RJ0003 Summary of Activities During the March 1998 - March 1999 Period
Roy Jenne 8 593kb  
RJ0004 Data Availability at NCAR (Selected Datasets)
Roy Jenne 46 2680kb Dataset availability  
JC0001 ECMWF-Descr: ECMWF/WCRP Lvl III-Glbl Atmos Data Archive
ECMWF 74 3777kb  
RB0001 Portion of TD13 Reference Manual
USAF 49 4131kb portion missed prev.  
RJ0005 A Rainfall Climatology for Africa - first half
Nicholson, Joseph, Jenne 53 3167kb A dataset: Mo Precip  
RJ0006 A Rainfall Climatology for Africa - second half
Nicholson, Joseph, Jenne 52 2743kb A dataset: Mo Precip  
RJ0007 Initiative to Prepare Data Inputs for Reanalyses, 1991
Roy Jenne 62 3792kb for Winnie Mutuli et al  
RJ0008 Inventory: Asheville Punched Cards & Fosdic Film
NWRC 8 537kb Jenne rec'd 6/2000  
RJ0009 Data for African Studies
Roy Jenne 29 1532kb based on Nairobi 85 trip  
RJ0010 Data for Reanalysis; Inventories - 1st half
Roy Jenne 62 4215kb  
RJ0011 Data for Reanalysis; Inventories - 2nd half
Roy Jenne 62 3403kb  
RJ0012 Economic Growth, Energy Supply, and Climate Change-1st half
Roy Jenne 75 5145kb  
RJ0013 Economic Growth, Energy Supply, and Climate Change-2nd half
Roy Jenne 75 5968kb  
RJ0014 Data Support Activities and Plans
Roy Jenne 33 2556kb  
RJ0015 WCP:Planning Guidance for the World Climate Data System-Pt 1
Roy Jenne 70 3698kb WMO document  
RJ0016 WCP:Planning Guidance for the World Climate Data System-Pt 2
Roy Jenne 70 4108kb WMO document  
RJ0017 Planning Guidance for Data Management
Roy Jenne 90 4157kb Draft mat: supplement  
RJ0018 Data Sets for Meteorological Research - 1st half
Roy Jenne 95 4845kb NCAR TN / IA-111  
RJ0019 Data Sets for Meteorological Research - 2nd half
Roy Jenne 93 5181kb NCAR TN / IA-111  
RJ0020 Handbook of Applied Meteorology (portion)
Jenne & T McKee 14 748kb A long data chapter.  
RJ0021 Data Archiving and Management, 1986
Roy Jenne 67 3546kb A selection of info  
RJ0022 Scientific Justification for an Advanced Vector Computer-Pt 1
NCAR 92 6856kb Prepared for the NSF  
RJ0023 Scientific Justification for an Advanced Vector Computer-Pt 2
NCAR 82 5108kb Prepared for the NSF  
RJ0024 Computing in the Atmospheric Sciences in the 1980s
Linda Besen: Editor 72 5287kb 2 Ann Comp Users Conf  
RJ0025 Comp Power/Staff: NCAR; & Perf of Var Comps Using Std Linear
(3/81 & 1/89)
Jenne & Jack Dongarra 41 2368kb  
RJ0026 World Food Problem: Clippings from Articles, 1975
Roy Jenne assembled 27 3656kb  
RJ0027 4 docs: world climate, energy, etc. - many clippings, 1985 - 98
(85 89 97 98)
Roy Jenne assembled 130 18732kb  
RJ0028 Selected Fast Computers and Computer Options at NCAR
Roy Jenne 86 6679kb  
RJ0029 2 docs: More Compute Changes & 6 Yrs of Parallel Comp - NAS
(9/94 & 4/94)
Jenne & Horst Simon 91 6507kb  
RJ0030 WCP Data: Infoclima, Catalogue of Climate Sys Data Sets-Pt 1
WMO 93 6107kb  
RJ0031 WCP Data: Infoclima, Catalogue of Climate Sys Data Sets-Pt 2
WMO 99 7361kb  
RJ0032 WCP Data: Infoclima, Catalogue of Climate Sys Data Sets-Pt 3
WMO 100 7965kb  
RJ0033 WCP Data: Infoclima, Catalogue of Climate Sys Data Sets-Pt 4
WMO 96 7467kb  
RJ0034 WCP Data: Infoclima, Catalogue of Climate Sys Data Sets-Pt 5
WMO 113 9646kb  
RJ0035 Annual Rpts of Activities: 1979 - 2000 + related docs - Part 1
Roy Jenne 72 4649kb  
RJ0036 Annual Rpts of Activities: 1979 - 2000 + related docs - Part 2
Roy Jenne 71 4924kb  
RJ0037 Outsourcing packet, 2000
Roy Jenne assembled 27 6933kb mag & newsppr articles  
RJ0038 Minutes: NCAR Computing Facility Advisory Panel, 1971
none 20 1106kb  
RJ0039 Scientific Justification f/a Advanced Vector Computer
NCAR 176 12360kb  
RJ0040 Proposal f/a Advanced Scientific Computing Ctr at NCAR
UCAR (incl. Jenne) 123 9710kb  
RJ0041 Draft Justification Doc f/t Upgrade o/t Cray X-MP/48 Supercomp
NCAR 166 10070kb  
RJ0042 1st Ann Comp Users Conf: Planning for the 1980s
(5-6 Jan 81)
NCAR (incl. Jenne) 108 5353kb  
RJ0043 2nd Ann Comp Users Conf: Comp i/t Atmos Sciences i/t 1980s
(7-8 Jan 82)
NCAR (incl. Jenne) 57 4326kb  
RJ0044 Supercomputer Output, 1985
Roy Jenne 25 959kb stored data,power,etc  
RJ0045 Atmospheric Technology No. 3 publication
NCAR (incl. Jenne) 88 19070kb comp spd:1951-71,p24  
RJ0046 Atmospheric Technology No. 11 publication
(Fall 1979)
NCAR (incl. Jenne) 78 9946kb  
RJ0047 Some clippings about jobs, 1995
Roy Jenne assembled 41 7189kb newsppr/mag articles  
RJ0048 The Energy Problem, Clippings from Articles - Part 1
Roy Jenne assembled 79 9220kb articles & charts  
RJ0049 The Energy Problem, Clippings from Articles - Part 2
Roy Jenne assembled 79 9602kb articles & charts  
RJ0050 Guide to Social & Economic Stats, Several Sources - Part 1
Roy Jenne assembled 68 6282kb world/US data  
RJ0051 Guide to Social & Economic Stats, Several Sources - Part 2
Roy Jenne assembled 69 8282kb world/US data  
RJ0052 Trouble: Computer Systems
Roy Jenne assembled 69 9496kb clippings  
RJ0053 Supplementary Text to a Film o/t Climatology o/t So Hemisphere
van Loon & Jenne 65 2695kb for Motion Pic J-I  
RJ0054 A Sel Climatology o/t So Hem: Comp Methods & Data Availability
Jenne, Crutcher, & 96 4636kb van Loon/Taljaard  
RJ0055 The Amount of Data in Science Disciplines
RJ authored & assembled 43 6546kb docs, articles, reports  
RJ0056 Constant Level Balloon Data
RJ authored & assembled 56 3579kb docs/reports/tables  
RJ0057 Long-Term Archives of Digital Data
RJ authored & assembled 29 2286 docs/articles/archival  
RJ0058 Staffing in SCD, a History
Roy Jenne 45 1728kb  
RJ0059 SCD Org Chart
SCD 12 475kb  
RJ0060 Problems to Solve: Good Data Support for Research
Roy Jenne 10 569kb  
RJ0061 Computing Power from PCs to Supers - Part 1
Roy Jenne 69 5063kb  
RJ0062 Computing Power from PCs to Supers - Part 2
Roy Jenne 71 6104kb  
RJ0063 Data Available on CD-ROMs
Roy Jenne 78 6179kb  
RJ0064 Climate, Drought, Farms, Water, Etc.
Roy Jenne 67 8094kb various clippings  
RJ0065 World Population Issues
RJ authored & assembled 30 3355kb various clippings  
RJ0066 Technology for Data Transfer and Storage
Roy Jenne 107 7926kb  
RJ0067 Meteorological Punched Cards in Asheville NC USA ~1970
WMO 10 884kb part: Cat of Met Data  
JC0002 Part II: Evolution of the ECMWF Analysis & Forecasting System
( )
ECMWF 20 893kb  
SW0001 Dvlpmnt o/t Global Mean Sea Level Pressure Dataset GMSLP2
TA Basnett, DE Parker 64 8003kb Hadley Ctr publication  
RJ0068 Harry van Loon Symposium Studies in Climate II - Pt 1
H van Loon 150 12194kb NCAR/TN-433+proc  
RJ0069 Harry van Loon Symposium Studies in Climate II - Pt 2
H van Loon 157 13022kb NCAR/TN-433+proc  
RJ0070 Book review: The Stratosphere: Phenomena, History & Relevance
of K.Labitzke & H.van L. 3 289kb fromAust.Met.Mag.  
RJ0071 Notes on Meteorological Networks & Data in Selected Countries
Roy Jenne 38 2773kb  
RJ0072 Meteorological Data In Australia, 1990
Roy Jenne 32 2419kb [+ related data]  
RJ0073 Annual Energy Outlook 1998
US DOE 23 1518kb  
RJ0074 Information about NCAR Data Support (DSS) 1981 - 1987
Roy Jenne 123 3913kb  
SW0002 Digitizing & QC of US Marine Met Journals
Natl Marine Data & Info Svc 9 754kb  
RJ0075 Global BAPMoN Stns List (1981) for Pollution
Roy Jenne 23 1486kb  
RJ0076 Accomplishments & Plans o/t SCD o/t NCAR FY93-98
SCD 55 4035kb  
RJ0077 Some Stories about Computer Purchases
Roy Jenne assembled 10 908kb articles  
RJ0078 Natl Data Systems and EOSDIS
Roy Jenne 99 6357kb  
RJ0079 Some Papers about a Cooling Climate (orig submitted 1/23/01)
Roy Jenne assembled 28 3575kb RESUBMITTED  
RJ0080 The NCAR Status Documents for Reanalysis - Pt 1
Roy Jenne 98 5339kb  
RJ0081 The NCAR Status Documents for Reanalysis - Pt 2
Roy Jenne 106 6218kb  
RJ0082 US Weather Observations in 1800s - Pt 1
various pubs 83 15863kb  
RJ0083 US Weather Observations in 1800s - Pt 2
various pubs 82 13241kb  
RJ0084 Papers About Satellite Sounding Data - Pt 1
mostly Roy Jenne 83 8197kb  
RJ0085 Papers About Satellite Sounding Data - Pt 2
mostly Roy Jenne 73 5700kb  
RJ0086 Rpt: Drought & Countries Affected by Drought During 1974-1985
WMO: Jenne, Spangler 29 1682kb  
RJ0087 Information about Satellite Systems & Data Systems
Roy Jenne assembled 53 5088kb articles  
RJ0088 Early Hand Weather Maps for Reanalysis Comparisons
mostly Roy Jenne 52 4853kb docs/maps/grids/art.s  
RJ0089 Data for Certain Types of Research, Selected Texts - Pt 1
mostly Roy Jenne 84 5112kb  
RJ0090 Data for Certain Types of Research, Selected Texts - Pt 2
mostly Roy Jenne 102 6595kb  
RJ0091 Inter-American Global Change Research
mostly Roy Jenne 51 1896kb  
RJ0092 Some Main Data Tasks Now In Progress (in DSS)
(Oct-Nov 00)
Roy Jenne 28 1160kb SCDAP mtg: 10/00  
RJ0093 Plans for Data Support, Oct 2000
Roy Jenne 50 2039kb 2000-02 Road Maps  
RJ0094 Papers About Handling Large Datasets - Pt 1
Roy Jenne 63 2194kb  
RJ0095 Papers About Handling Large Datasets - Pt 2
Roy Jenne 66 4459kb  
RJ0096 Selected Talks about Reanalysis Data; Slides - Pt 1
mostly Roy Jenne 94 4866kb  
RJ0097 Selected Talks about Reanalysis Data; Slides - Pt 2
mostly Roy Jenne 74 4348kb  
RJ0098 Selected Talks about Reanalysis Data; slides - Pt 3
mostly Roy Jenne 70 3576kb  
RJ0099 Aircraft Observations for Reanalysis (1947 - 2000)
mostly Roy Jenne 84 5356kb  
RJ0100 Data Management Documents
Roy Jenne assembled 100 5989kb incl TN/IA-93 (Tech Note)  
RJ0101 Papers about Data Management (10 Apr 2001) - Pt 1
mostly Roy Jenne 96 6938kb  
RJ0102 Papers about Data Management (10 Apr 2001) - Pt 2
mostly Roy Jenne 94 5893kb  
RJ0103 Papers on Food, Gene-Modified Crops, Economic Hype, Etc.
Roy Jenne assembled 94 17519kb  
RJ0104 Papers on Sending Data for Reanalysis
Roy Jenne 72 4117kb  
RJ0105 Observations for China & US-China Exchanges Pt 1
RJ authored & assembled 92 6471kb  
RJ0106 Observations for China & US-China Exchanges Pt 2
RJ authored & assembled 99 4532kb  
RJ0107 The GALE and ERICA Experiments
Drexel Univ & Jenne 56 5745kb  
RJ0108 Past Climate of the Earth: Ice Ages and More
Jenne assembled 72 8665kb pg 40b: 9-25-02, cover rev'd  
RJ0109 Various Types of Data
mostly Roy Jenne 124 8116kb  
DJ0001 DS710.5: Cloud Data (C-Matrix) on Mag Tape NSSDC 78-098A-10F
( )
Paul Hwang et al., GSFC 76 2773kb  
RJ0110 A Climatology o/t N Hem Stratosphere, Joint Work: NCAR/Berlin 1972
Jenne, Labitzke, vanLoon 36 1525kb  
RJ0111 Economic & Weather Data for Latin America
Jenne assembled 20 1970kb charts/tables  
RJ0112 Hourly Surface Data, Worldwide, 351 Stns from USAF
USAF 10 875kb  
RJ0113 Manual for Wind Aloft Dataset TD53
(1965 & 1969)
AWS 33 2917kb  
RJ0114 Readings About Data Formats - Pt 1
Roy Jenne 120 7230kb SCD booklet  
RJ0115 Readings About Data Formats - Pt 2
Roy Jenne 112 7218kb SCD booklet  
RJ0116 A List of NCDC Datasets & Fosdic Films, 1969
DOC-ESSA, Asheville 19 1278kb  
RJ0117 Information about Energy
Jenne assembled 34 3890kb clippings  
RJ0118 The Cost of All Energy for the US Economy
Jenne assembled 7 305kb charts  
RJ0119 Europe & Russia; Freeze of the Century 1999
Jenne assembled 6 1462kb  
RJ0120 About Knowledge Management
Jenne assembled 8 874kb  
RJ0121 Clouds and ISCCP Information
Jenne assembled 47 3270kb  
RJ0122 The C-Cards Rawinsonde Data, 1949 - 65
Jenne assembled 49 2908kb  
RJ0123 Dust and Fire Information
Jenne assembled 35 4219kb  
RJ0124 Global Satellite Cloud Wind Data (1967-2001)
Jenne assembled 28 2655kb  
RJ0125 Technology: Good Use, Hype, Bubble, Slowdown: 1999-2001
Jenne assembled 59 13593kb  
RJ0126 TD52 Reference Manual - VOL I, 1st Ed. (Foreign Winds Aloft)
AWS 99 7177kb orig sub 7-26-01-bad scan  
RJ0127 TD52 Reference Manual - VOL II - Part 1 (Foreign Winds Aloft)
AWS 91 18420kb  
RJ0128 TD52 Reference Manual - VOL II - Part 2 (Foreign Winds Aloft)
AWS 83 18287kb  
RJ0129 TD52 Reference Manual - VOL III - Part 1 (Foreign Winds Aloft)
AWS 87 16244kb  
RJ0130 TD52 Reference Manual - VOL III - Part 2 (Foreign Winds Aloft)
AWS 89 13082kb  
RJ0131 TD53 Reference Manual - 1st Ed - Part 1 (WBAN Winds Aloft)
AWS 70 6984kb  
RJ0132 TD53 Reference Manual - 1st Ed - Part 2 (WBAN Winds Aloft)
AWS 69 8646kb  
RJ0133 Story: A Future Tragedy with Archived Data
Hal Draper 5 502kb  
RJ0134 USSR Surface Synop Data 1936-1986
CDIAC (Jenne assmbld) 46 2965kb  
RJ0135 NCAR Computing, Mass Store, Nets in Aug 2000
RJ, Fuentes, Harano, Meehl 34 3261kb  
RJ0136 The Satellite Active Archive (NOAA)
Jenne & Alex Kidd 44 2790kb  
RJ0137 The MIT Rawinsonde Dataset (1958 - 63)
Jenne, Joseph, Dattore, etc 32 3822kb misplaced, never sent in Aug 01  
RJ0138 The Co-Op Climate Stations in Canada
Canadian NWS 71 3906kb  
RJ0139 The Kyoto Talks of Nov 2000
Jenne assembled 20 3545kb article clippings  
RJ0140 Toward More Flexible Computing Systems
RJ authored & assembled 16 2223kb doc & clippings  
RJ0141 US Policy; India and China, Other
Jenne assembled 13 2925kb clippings  
RJ0142 Some Data Systems: Too Big and Too Fuzzy
Jenne assembled 29 4777kb clippings/3 slides  
RJ0143 Doom, Are Things Getting Worse and Worse
Jenne assembled 19 3520kb clippings  
RJ0144 Options and Costs to Store Big Datasets
RJ authored & assembled 53 5415kb docs & clippings  
SW0003 COADS, Rel 1, main text
Jenne, Joseph, et al 45 4615kb COADS manual  
SW0004 COADS, Rel 1, App A
Jenne, Joseph, et al 18 817kb COADS manual  
SW0005 COADS, Rel 1, App B
Jenne, Joseph, et al 7 320kb COADS manual  
SW0006 COADS, Rel 1, App C
Jenne, Joseph, et al 12 592kb COADS manual  
SW0007 COADS, Rel 1, App D
Jenne, Joseph, et al 7 368kb COADS manual  
SW0008 COADS, Rel 1, App E
Jenne, Joseph, et al 6 267kb COADS manual  
SW0009 COADS, Rel 1, App F
Jenne, Joseph, et al 24 1179kb COADS manual  
SW0010 COADS, Rel 1, App G
Jenne, Joseph, et al 21 2975kb COADS manual  
SW0011 COADS, Rel 1, App H
Jenne, Joseph, et al 46 2330kb COADS manual  
SW0012 COADS, Rel 1, App I
Jenne, Joseph, et al 17 915kb COADS manual  
SW0013 COADS, Rel 1, App J
Jenne, Joseph, et al 19 761kb COADS manual  
SW0014 COADS, Rel 1, App K
Jenne, Joseph, et al 39 2859kb COADS manual  
RJ0145 Computer Systems; Some Bad and Good News
Jenne compiled 29 3734kb article clippings  
RJ0146 The Manual for 501 Radiosonde Data
USAF 14 1690kb  
RJ0147 NASA Issues: Goldin Departure, Fiscal Woes
Jenne compiled 22 3985kb article clippings  
RJ0148 Data Plans About NASA EOSDIS, 1997 - 2000 - Part 1
mostly Roy Jenne 73 5054kb  
RJ0149 Data Plans About NASA EOSDIS, 1997 - 2000 - Part 2
mostly Roy Jenne 72 4761kb  
RJ0150 Dec 2001: The Large Enron Company is Bankrupt
Jenne compiled 15 6459kb articles  
RJ0151 World Sfc Synop for 1967-80; Dick Davis Set
Dick Davis (Jenne assmbld) 33 1637kb  
RJ0152 Daily and Monthly Precip, Pacific Islands
M. Morrissey et al 24 1807kb  
RJ0153 Rawinsonde Reports for Reanalysis, Selected Papers
Roy Jenne 110 7928kb  
RJ0154 Climate Model Data for Assessment Studies- Part 1
RJ authored & assembled 73 4958kb  
RJ0155 Climate Model Data for Assessment Studies- Part 2
RJ authored & assembled 90 5238kb  
RJ0156 Daily (& Monthly) Sfc Weather Obs at NCAR; Several Countries
RJ authored & assembled 113 18224kb RESUBMITTED 9/23/02 & 6/12/06  
RJ0157 Road Maps for Data Support, NCAR
(Jan-Jun 2000)
Roy Jenne 22 1146kb  
RJ0158 Data for FGGE (Global Weather), 1979
Jenne compiled 64 3705kb  
RJ0159 Selected Buoy and Sea Ice Information
Jenne compiled 91 13736kb  
RJ0160 CEDAR, the High Atmosphere Archives at NCAR, 70-1000 km
Jenne compiled 45 2887kb  
RJ0161 The Countries Dataset (Rawinsonde and Wind Data)
Jenne compiled 57 4782kb  
RJ0162 The US Control Rawinsonde Data
Jenne compiled 114 6029kb  
RJ0163 Guard Against Data Loss
Jenne compiled 40 6426kb article clippings  
RJ0164 India Met Dept: 100 Yrs of Weather Svc (1875-1975) - Part 1
India Met Dept 105 37017kb book  
RJ0165 India Met Dept: 100 Yrs of Weather Svc (1875-1975) - Part 2
India Met Dept 111 20674kb book  
RJ0166 Will the World's Oil Run Out Soon?
Jenne compiled 92 17795kb clippings/book excerpts  
RJ0167 Early Wind Aloft Data; TD52 and TD53 - Part 1
Jenne compiled 73 4043kb  
RJ0168 Early Wind Aloft Data; TD52 and TD53 - Part 2
Jenne compiled 72 4968kb  
RJ0169 Observed Long-Period Fluctuations in 500-mb Heights
Jenne et al 71 4649kb supp to NCAR films J-4 & 6  
RJ0170 Observations for Reanalysis, 1946-2000, Slides 11/2001
Jenne et al 63 4164kb mainly written 2001  
RJ0171 Papers About Fast Chips and Computers
Jenne compiled 24 7542kb articles mid-90s-02  
RJ0172 Data in Computer Form in Australia, 1969
Australian Bureau of Met 57 5159kb Data held:computer comp form  
RJ0173 Management Ideas and Management Fads
Jenne compiled 45 6269kb articles  
RJ0174 Data for Selected Observing Experiments
Jenne compiled 47 4125kb  
RJ0175 TOGA COARE Tropical Experiment
COARE personnel 62 4325kb  
RJ0176 Datasets, data coverage and counts (texts 1998-99)
mostly Roy Jenne 102 6085kb 1st pt of Obs/Reanalysis  
RJ0177 Data Preparation, More Data, Slides Oct 2000
( )
mostly Roy Jenne 88 4806kb 2nd pt of Obs/Reanalysis  
RJ0178 Observations for Reanalysis, Briefing Slides, Etc. 1999-2000
( )
mostly Roy Jenne 96 5381kb 3rd pt of Obs/Reanalysis  
RJ0179 Information Technology Spending: Do Some Work Offshore?
Jenne compiled 26 6957kb  
WS0001 A Dry Deposition Module for Regional Acid Deposition
Sheih, Wesely, Walcek 69 3321kb  
WS0002 A User's Guide for Application of Dry Deposition Module
Sheih & Wesely 16 820kb  
RJ0180 Energy Use and Carbon 1950-2020; for Homes, Travel, Etc.
RJ authored & assembled 106 13561kb  
RJ0181 Observations for Reanalysis, Aug 1999 Slides, WCRP
mostly Roy Jenne 41 2253kb  
RJ0182 Antarctic Surface Weather Station Data, U of Wisc, 1980-On
RJ authored & assembled 74 4164kb  
RJ0183 Satellite Data at SSEC, University of Wisconsin
RJ authored & assembled 79 4797kb  
RJ0184 Data from NOAA Satellites
RJ authored & assembled 84 8197kb  
RJ0185 The Grace Satellite; Gravity, Soil, Water, Deep Ocean Currents, Etc.
Nature & AW&ST 6 1348kb  
RJ0186 Data Catalogs for US Geostationary Weather Satellites
RJ authored & assembled 23 2399kb  
RJ0187 The TD54 World Rawinsondes, Most 1946-72 - Part 1
RJ authored & assembled 109 6519kb  
RJ0188 The TD54 World Rawinsondes, Most 1946-72 - Part 2
RJ authored & assembled 125 6839kb  
RJ0189 Data System Integration; What to Think
RJ authored & assembled 27 3904kb redone (added 6 p to doc)  
RJ0190 Surface and UA Weather Data for Canada
RJ authored & assembled 46 3059kb  
RJ0191 Listings of Climate Datasets in Japan, 1982
(early 80s )
JMA & Jenne 93 3444kb Japan Met Agency  
RJ0192 Data Lists from England, 1978
RJ assembled 90 5032kb UK Met Office  
RJ0193 US Earth-Looking Satellite Archives in 1988
(mostly 1988)
mostly Roy Jenne 123 8021kb  
RJ0194 US-Russia Data Exchange Documents, 1986 - 1991
WG-VIII Committee 119 7462kb  
RJ0195 Supercomputer Output at NCAR, 1985, Part 2
Roy Jenne 23 1328kb  
RJ0196 Observations for Climate Calibration and Monitoring
( )
RJ authored & assembled 33 1608kb  
RJ0197 Techniques for the Processing, Storage, and Exchange of Data
Jenne & Joseph 50 2489kb NCAR Tech Note 93  
RJ0198 Renewable Energy Including Biomass and Waste
RJ authored & assembled 32 7112kb  
RJ0199 The GATE Observations, Tropical Atlantic, 1974
GATE 53 2595kb  
RJ0200 The Model Data Center for GCIP/GAPP
Roy Jenne 28 2112kb  
RJ0201 Work Between Karin Labitzke, Berlin & NCAR; Many Years
RJ authored & assembled 15 1835kb  
RJ0202 Annual Activity Reports for Roy Jenne, 1979 - On
Roy Jenne 18 1183kb f/00-02 & summary  
RJ0203 Articles about Nuclear Energy
Jenne compiled 33 6580kb  
RJ0204 The Fuss about "The Skeptical Environmentalist"
Jenne compiled 31 5979kb  
RJ0205 VTPR Sounders from NOAA Satellites
LM McMillin et al 123 13016kb NOAA Tech Rpt NESS 65  
RJ0206 Space Tourism and Low-Cost Launches
Jenne compiled 27 9066kb  
RJ0207 Talk for UCAR University Relations Comm, July 1999
mostly Roy Jenne 14 826kb  
RJ0208 Lift a Plateau, Geology and Paleoclimate
Michael Gurnis 9 3266kb Scientific American article  
RJ0209 Monthly Reports for Data Support, 2000
Roy Jenne 51 3549kb  
RJ0210 Docs for Several Nimbus & TIROS Sats, 1960-1998
NASA, NOAA 67 5492kb  
RJ0211 Information On Data Support (DS) at NCAR
Roy Jenne 38 1759kb from a NASA talk  
RJ0212 Obs for Reanalysis 1946-2000, Emphasis on Africa
Roy Jenne 55 3393kb 1/02 AMS presentation  
RJ0213 European Gov'ts Move to the Center-Right, 2001-2002
RJ assembled 54 16710kb articles  
RJ0214 Boys and Girls; What is Fair?
RJ assembled 82 16294kb articles  
RJ0215 Huge Data Systems in Navy and Army, NMCI, 2002
RJ assembled 15 2821kb articles - Resub (3rd) 9-23-02  
RJ0216 Data for Brazil, 1990
(mostly 1990)
RJ authored & assembled 53 3140kb  
RJ0217 A Reduced Set of Satellite Radiances for Clouds
mostly Roy Jenne 41 1993kb ISCCP; 3-hr, 8- & 25-km  
RJ0218 Monthly Reports for Data Support, 1995-96
Roy Jenne 56 3494kb  
RJ0219 Monthly Reports for Data Support, 1999
Roy Jenne 41 2571kb  
RJ0220 Monthly Reports for Data Support, 2001
Roy Jenne 63 3678kb  
RJ0221 Is It Always Smart to Buy More Technology?
(2000, 2002)
RJ assembled 8 1388kb articles  
RJ0222 Monthly Reports for Data Support, 1997 & 1st Half 1998
Roy Jenne 48 2847kb  
RJ0223 Readings about River Discharge Data
RJ authored & assembled 64 4633kb  
RJ0224 Surface Observations for Australia, 1939-1984
(2001-2002 )
R Jenne & D Joseph 17 1152kb  
RJ0225 Stratospheric Analyses from Germany
R Jenne & W Spangler 24 1733kb & K Labitzke & collaborators  
RJ0226 Reanalysis, ISCCP, Data Volume; Dickinson, 1996
RJ authored & assembled 21 816kb  
RJ0227 Some Regional Weather Observing Nets
RJ authored & assembled 26 1631kb  
RJ0228 Solar Flux Intensity Tables, Smithsonian Met. Tables
(mostly 1949)
prep by Robt J. List 13 1001kb Smithsonian misc collection  
RJ0229 The Jobs That People Have in USA, 1800-2000
RJ assembled 93 12318kb articles, tables, charts  
RJ0230 US IT Spending; Also Broadband Trouble
RJ assembled 55 15291kb articles  
RJ0231 Economic Growth, Energy Sources, and Climate, 2002
RJ authored & assembled 71 6446kb  
RJ0232 Data Policy Events and Issues, 1997 - 2002
RJ authored & assembled 84 10077kb  
RJ0233 Selected Fast Computers and Options, 10/10/94
Roy Jenne 34 2755kb 2nd vsn, 1st dated 3/94  
RJ0234 The Australian Daily Analyses, 1972-On, and Climate
DJ Karoly, GAM Kelly & 16 925kb JF LeMarshall of the BMRC  
SW0015 The Bunker Climate Atlas of the North Atlantic Ocean
Hans-Jorg Isemer 29 1493kb  
RJ0235 Talks about NCAR Main Computers, 04/1997
Buzbee, Engel, Hammond 47 2713kb  
RJ0236 Bio Tech, Info Tech, Nano Tech; Too Much Hype, Oct 2002
RJ assembled 17 2617kb  
WS0003 An Interim Note on N Hemisphere Climatological Grid Data Tape
H Crutcher & R Jenne 10 347kb  
RJ0237 Early People, Extinction, Vikings
RJ assembled 21 5365kb  
WS0004 CLIMAT Data Rec Over the Global Telecom Sys (GTS)
Chet Ropelewski 8 339kb  
RJ0238 Inventory of Meteorological Records in National Archives, 1965
compiled by Helen Finneran 43 2226kb  
RJ0239 Climate Model Data for Assessment Studies, 1994
Roy Jenne 33 1489kb (delayed sending)  
RJ0240 A Talk about Data Issues for IGBP in Moscow Aug 1988
Roy Jenne 9 335kb  
RJ0241 The Work of a Good Baseline Data System
Roy Jenne 14 1246kb  
RJ0242 China, Taiwan, and India, Dec 2002
RJ assembled 20 11993kb  
RJ0243 DSS Articles in SCD Computing News, NCAR 1988-1994
various 55 9486kb  
RJ0244 World Summit in South Africa, Aug 2002
RJ assembled 35 4508kb  
RJ0245 The BOMEX Weather Experiment, Caribbean, 1969
(May-Jly 1969)
RJ, NOAA 16 871kb  
RJ0246 Year-Month River Discharge Data on CD-R
RJ authored & assembled 24 4095kb  
RJ0247 The World Changes, 1989
RJ authored & assembled 39 5786kb  
RJ0248 Model Data for Assessment Studies, 1994-95
Jenne & D. Cirillo 34 1692kb  
RJ0249 Climate Model Data for Assessments, 1997-98
RJ authored & assembled 80 3671kb  
RJ0250 Climate Assessment Work in 1998
RJ authored & assembled 47 2006kb  
RJ0251 Climate Model Data for Assessments, 1987-89
RJ authored & assembled 91 3814kb  
RJ0252 Status of Data from Climate Models, Oct 1998
([Oct 1998])
RJ authored & assembled 74 2308kb  
RJ0253 Climate Model Data for Assessments, Dec 1987-1990
([Dec 87-90])
RJ authored & assembled 127 5771kb  
RJ0254 Climate Assessments, 1994-1995; Country Studies
RJ authored & assembled 105 4303kb  
RJ0255 Data for Global Change Research & Assessment Studies, 1993
RJ authored & assembled 38 1505kb  
RJ0256 Assessment Studies Work, Early 1994
RJ authored & assembled 29 2062kb  
RJ0258 More Info: IPCC, NIGEC, Model Data for Assessments, NCAR Run?
RJ authored & assembled 41 2809kb  
RJ0259 Canada Ratifies Kyoto in Dec 2002; Not All Happy
([Nov-Dec 02])
RJ authored & assembled 12 3922kb  
RJ0260 Some History of Russia & Communism 1917-1990
RJ authored & assembled 88 25255kb mostly articles  
RJ0261 NOAA Mtg: Develop a Satellite & In-Situ Climate Database (Aug 1993)
Ed: KP Gallo & DA Hastings 21 2360kb NOAA TR NESDIS 72  
RJ0262 Data Activities to Help Data Access; DSS, NCAR, 1989
Roy Jenne 19 1556kb  
RJ0263 Datasets for Land Surface Models, 1994
Roy Jenne 29 3636kb  
RJ0264 A History of NCAR from Staff Notes Stories, 1960 - 2000
various NCAR staff 109 33119kb Staff Notes articles  
RJ0265 World Weather Observations for ERA-40, Mar 1999
mostly Roy Jenne 54 1980kb  
RJ0266 Three Example Datasets for the Sun and for Astronomy
(Nov 01 & 02)
R Jenne & articles 12 835kb  
RJ0267 The US Co-op Observing Net Rpt, 9000 Stns, Temp, Precip; 1998
RJ authored & assembled 89 4319kb  
RJ0268 Hydromet Datasets in USSR (Russia), 1988
ARIHI 46 2291kb catalogue (2) of hydromet data  
RJ0269 Rescue and Prepare More Old Observations
Roy Jenne 28 1010kb  
RJ0270 Health Care Issues; Costs Reduce Access to Care; 2003
RJ assembled 55 713kb articles  
RJ0271 The US-Russia Exchange of Climate Data (Under WG-VIII)
RJ authored & assembled 67 3848kb RJ co-authored  
RJ0272 US-Russia Data Exchange Documents, 1994 - 1999
RJ authored & assembled 137 7238kb RJ co-authored  
RJ0273 Monthly Reports, DSS, 1992 - 1994
Roy Jenne 76 3715kb  
RJ0274 Monthly Reports, DSS, 1988 - 1989
Roy Jenne 66 3325kb  
RJ0275 Some Energy Stories & Forecasts, Mar 2003
RJ authored & assembled 21 3316kb scanned inhouse  
RJ0276 Monthly Reports, Data Support, 1990 - 1991
RJ authored & assembled 82 5340kb  
RJ0277 Several Main Data Goals for Data Support (DSS at NCAR)
mostly Roy Jenne 25 1160kb  
RJ0278 An Index to Assessmnts: Effects of Climate Change on Crops, Rivers, Etc.
Roy Jenne 22 909kb  
RJ0279 Weather Observations for Africa
RJ authored & assembled 87 5261kb  
RJ0280 Observations for India, 1901 - On
RJ authored & assembled 35 2199kb  
RJ0281 Guide to Data Support Documents at NCAR (SCD) 2003
Roy Jenne 66 3895kb  
RJ0282 Early Meteorological Observations in the US, 1818 - On
RJ authored & assembled 23 4606kb  
RJ0283 Monthly Reports for Data Support, NCAR, for 2002
Roy Jenne 49 7089kb  
RJ0284 People Leave their Work Places. Why?
RJ assembled 18 4660kb articles  
RJ0285 A Possible Project to Prepare Daily Snow Grids, 1998
([July 1998])
RJ authored & assembled 22 3371kb  
RJ0286 Changes in World Rawinsonde Reporting, 1973 - 98
RJ & DSS 34 3764kb  
RJ0287 Trouble in Venezuela, 2002 - 2003
RJ assembled 61 20484kb articles  
RJ0288 Zimbabwe Has A Very Bad Government
RJ assembled 25 8081kb articles  
RJ0289 US-Russia Data Exchange Documents (WG-VIII) 2000-2002
RJ authored & assembled 69 12525kb RJ co-authored  
RJ0290 Some Stories About Energy, Kyoto, Climate, Politics, July 2003
RJ authored & assembled 22 2327kb articles  
RJ0291 Information & Data about Solar Radiation and Sunshine
RJ authored & assembled 48 1669kb  
RJ0292 Changes in the Upscale Job Market; Outsource
RJ assembled 45 5608kb articles  
RJ0293 Reanalysis Update; Also Climate, Energy & Kyoto
RJ authored & assembled 77 4231kb  
RJ0294 Federal Funds for Science and Technology. Lobby Work
RJ authored & assembled 24 2866kb  
RJ0295 A Partial Staff and Budget History of NCAR
RJ authored & assembled 78 2248kb  
RJ0296 NCAR Data Support (DSS) and Data Issues
RJ authored & assembled 44 2685kb  
RJ0297 Guide to Data Support Documents at NCAR (SCD), 09/2003
Roy Jenne 72 3048kb  
RJ0298 News of Kyoto, the Year 2000
RJ authored & assembled 21 1914kb  
RJ0299 Kyoto Climate Protocol News, Jan - Apr 2001
RJ assembled 24 2394kb  
RJ0300 News about Kyoto, Apr - Jun 2001
RJ assembled 45 4770kb  
RJ0301 Bush Goes to Europe, Global Warming Fuss, June 2001
([Jun 2001])
RJ assembled 14 1701kb  
RJ0302 Global Warming; What are Kids Taught? July 2001
([May, Jul 01])
RJ assembled 5 417kb  
RJ0303 Kyoto News, Jul - Aug 2001, the Bonn Meeting
([Jul-Sep 01])
RJ assembled 40 4228kb  
RJ0304 Kyoto News, Aug - Nov 2001
([Aug-Nov 01])
RJ assembled 19 2201kb  
RJ0305 Some Kyoto News, Mid-2003
RJ assembled 29 2030kb  
RJ0306 Index to Documents with Kyoto Climate News
([Jul-Oct 03])
Roy Jenne 16 1965kb  
RJ0307 Mesoscale Models, Eta, Maps, CMC for GCIP, Part 1
RJ authored & assembled 84 11667kb  
RJ0308 The World Will Need Much More Energy, 1900 - 2030
RJ authored & assembled 28 1519kb  
RJ0309 Lets Get Mad about Hype, Some Readings
RJ authored & assembled 27 2147kb articles  
RJ0310 World Motor Vehicle Production and Use, 1900 - 2020
RJ authored & assembled 72 13171kb ret 11/21 & 12/30, not right  
RJ0311 Focus on Electricity and Total Energy, USA & World, 2003
RJ authored & assembled 93 19064kb mostly articles  
RJ0312 Pay of Small People, Pay of Big
RJ assembled 27 5556kb articles  
RJ0313 How Much Oil Is There? 12/2003
RJ assembled 18 5567kb articles  
RJ0314 Solar Changes and Links to Climate Change
RJ assembled 31 4376kb articles  
RJ0315 Plans for Data Support, Oct 2000
([Sep-Oct 00])
Roy Jenne 12 1225kb  
RJ0316 Papers about Precip Observations and Precip Analysis
RJ authored & assembled 42 6767kb  
RJ0317 The Research Data Archives at NCAR, Nov 2000
Roy Jenne 41 4895kb  
RJ0318 Data Strategy Papers by Data Support, NCAR, 1978 - On
Roy Jenne 169 25418kb  
RJ0319 Short Data Issue Documents to Guide National Planning
RJ authored & assembled 112 10,059kb  
RJ0320 Some Stories about the Universe
RJ assembled 30 9121kb  
RJ0321 A Summary of US Energy Use During 1950 - 2020
Roy Jenne 11 1893kb  
RJ0322 World Temperature Trends for a Few Thousand Years
RJ authored & assembled 93 8819kb  
RJ0323 Sfc Synop Data Cover Plots TD13 (1901-71) & 1967-80
RJ authored & assembled 37 2964kb & plots for Dick Davis set  
RJ0324 Equations for Moisture Calculations
Roy Jenne 26 1925kb & Frank Murray-RAND  
RJ0325 The Program to Sort Data, Data Support, NCAR, Jan 2004
Roy Jenne 25 1758kb & Will Spangler  
RJ0326 The COADS Ship Data Project and Publications 1980-1990
RJ authored & assembled 76 3775kb  
RJ0327 Eleven Weather Motion Films on a DVD
Roy Jenne 9 1011kb  
RJ0328 More Work on Reanalysis Observations during 1999 - 2003
Roy Jenne 109 10643kb  
RJ0329 Met Obs Front Range Colo., Profs Mesonet 1985 - 1994
RJ authored & assembled 23 3527kb CF Shih & others  
RJ0330 A Few Problems in NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis, 1948 - On
RJ authored & assembled 100 6093kb  
RJ0331 Pages about Aerosols and Particles
RJ authored & assembled 21 2044kb  
RJ0332 Retreat of NCAR Scientific Staff, Dove House 1999
([June 1999])
RJ authored & assembled 14 1318kb  
RJ0333 Maps of Global Rawinsonde and Pibal Coverage, 1940 - 1998
RJ authored & assembled 56 11132kb slides & charts  
RJ0334 Data Info & Data Lists at NCAR, 1975-1994
RJ authored & assembled 117 6324kb  
RJ0335 TD13: Early World Surface Synop, Mostly 1929-1971
RJ authored & assembled 33 2308kb  
RJ0336 Short Planning Documents about Data Systems
RJ authored & assembled 71 5951kb  
RJ0337 Energy, Climate Economy IPCC: Be Careful of Summaries
RJ authored & assembled 19 2490kb articles (resent for scan 4/28/04)  
RJ0338 Technology to Handle Data, 1971-1998
Roy Jenne 36 1746kb  
RJ0339 A Very Big Dataset for Astronomy
RJ assembled 16 18207kb  
RJ0340 Global Weather Station Index, 1964, Navy
US Navy 117 23508kb US Naval Oceanographic Office  
RJ0341 The NCAR Reorganization of 1973
RJ authored & assembled 45 6319kb  
RJ0342 Will NCAR Data Support Become a NASA DAAC? 1990
RJ authored & assembled 25 4277kb  
RJ0343 Coverage of Arctic Ocean Buoys on Ice, 1979-1996
RJ assembled 23 1869kb  
RJ0344 Old Weather Observations for USA, World, ~1870-1960
RJ authored & assembled 95 10237kb  
RJ0345 Make New Analyses for the Arctic, Analysis Methods
([Nov-Dec 01])
Roy Jenne 13 648kb  
RJ0346 US Sfc Obs 1880-1910, Plots NW USA & Alaska
RJ authored & assembled 11 843kb  
RJ0347 Snowball Earth
RJ assembled 19 2201kb  
RJ0348 The Dataset of Russian N. Pole Raobs, 1950-1991
RJ authored & assembled 45 2836kb  
RJ0349 History of Reanalysis
RJ authored & assembled 149 10249kb  
RJ0350 Monthly Reports for Year 2003 (Roy Jenne)
Roy Jenne 70 3365kb  
RJ0351 The BOMEX Weather Experiment, 1969
NOAA 20 1265kb  
RJ0352 A World Data System for Computer Input, Nov 1965
([Nov 1965])
Roy Jenne 16 2393kb  
RJ0353 Water Resources, Water Shortage, Water Politics 1990-97
RJ authored & assembled 44 2240kb  
RJ0354 Key Climate Studies; Drought, Climate Change, SST, and Etc.
RJ assembled 54 11669kb articles/book excerpts  
RJ0355 Big Plans for Ocean Work; More Funds, 2004
RJ assembled 8 2038kb articles  
RJ0356 World Surface Pressure Data; Obs & Grids
RJ authored & assembled 62 10624kb  
RJ0357 Observations for Reanalysis, A 21-Page Text & More
mostly Roy Jenne 44 2600kb  
RJ0358 Unpack and Transform Polar Stereo Grids
RJ authored & assembled 62 2116kb  
RJ0359 NCAR Research Support Award, 1980; for Data Support
([Oct 1980])
various scientists 49 1716kb ltrs of commendation f/DSS  
RJ0360 A Dream: Prepare Most of the World's Weather Obs, 1945-On
Roy Jenne 24 857kb  
RJ0361 Fast Computers and Storage, Early and 2002-2004
( various)
RJ assembled 57 8803kb mostly articles  
RJ0362 More Fever to Reorganize, July 2004 (NASA, Univ, Cars, Etc.)
([2001 & 04])
RJ assembled 22 1895kb articles  
RJ0363 World Obs & Analysis, Also Energy (COLA 06/04)
([Jun 2004])
RJ0364 Temp Plots from Reanalysis, Sfc - 300 mb, 1948 - On
RJ authored & assembled 45 1414kb plots  
RJ0365 The NCEP Upper Air Obs for 1962-72; Counts to 1998
RJenne & WSpangler 47 1773kb  
RJ0366 Texts about the Next US Reanalysis Work, 05/2004
RJ authored & assembled 129 7099kb  
RJ0367 The Data Support Web Server, 1992 - 2003
53 8318kb  
RJ0368 Data for Boundary Conditions for Atmospheric Models
RJ authored & assembled 85 6309kb  
RJ0369 The Work of Data Support, NCAR, most 1990 - 2003
Roy Jenne 169 25856kb  
RJ0370 The Document Project of Data Support (NCAR)
Roy Jenne 23 3813kb  
DS0001 ERA-40 Analysis-Feedback Record Structure
Doug Schuster/ECMWF 115 2773kb  
DS0002 2x Wind Speed Problem
Doug Schuster 21 3419kb  
DS0003 Wind Spd Prob: Synop reprtg stns-Scandinavia, Ireland, E. Europe, Japan
Doug Schuster 6 589kb  
RJ0371 History of Data Support Projects, NCAR, 1965 - 2003
Roy Jenne 69 11202kb  
RJ0372 History of Our Data Support Group; NCAR, 1965 - 2003
Roy Jenne 188 25185kb  
RJ0375 US Weather Radar Data, 1973 and New Nexrad
RJ authored & assembled 56 8702kb  
RJ0377 Some Subroutines: Gbytes, Harmonic, Std Atmos, Etc.
R Jenne & D Joseph 30 4713kb old programming documentation  
RJ0378 Saga of Data Plans for NASA EOS Satellites; 1985-2002
RJ authored & assembled 12 3132kb  
RJ0379 Energy, Kyoto and Climate Change, 2004
RJ authored & assembled 158 14216kb  
RJ0380 Big Needs for More Energy (Oil, Etc.); Can Renewable Help?
RJ authored & assembled 127 22446kb articles  
RJ0381 Energy and Environment Issues, Mar 2005 for Talk
([Mar 2005])
RJ authored & assembled 61 6938kb mtg w/So. Koreans  
RJ0382 Winter Precip in Arizona vs Washington, Pacific PDO
RJ authored & assembled 15 2075kb mostly articles  
RJ0383 Surface Synop Observations for India, 100 Years
RJ authored & assembled 13 1517kb charts, emails  
RJ0384 Trouble in Venezuela, 2003 - 2005
RJ assembled 62 11846kb  
RJ0385 Big Trouble in Zimbabwe; An Update 2005
RJ assembled 24 4088kb articles  
RJ0386 Survey of Energy & Climate Issues, Oct 2005 - Part 1
RJ authored & assembled 101 13009kb  
RJ0387 Survey of Energy & Climate Issues, Oct 2005 - Part 2
RJ authored & assembled 101 16890kb  
RJ0388 Climate of Oregon and Washington, 1888 Text
RJ assembled 15 1998kb 1888 text  
RJ0389 Reanalysis, Energy Use to 2080, Climate and Kyoto
RJ authored & assembled 75 8083kb slides presented in Russia  
RJ0390 The Kyoto-2 Climate Meeting, Dec 2005 in Canada
RJ authored & assembled 93 23507kb articles  
RJ0391 China: Growth, Bad 1960s, Old History (04/2006)
RJ assembled 65 26507kb articles  
RJ0392 Handouts for the Polar Reanalysis Mtg (UK 4/06)
mostly Roy Jenne 67 11195kb also a few articles  
RJ0393 Obs for Reanalysis (Status 4/06), Polar Emphasis
mostly Roy Jenne 103 19139kb  
RJ0394 Hidden Data for Environment, Al Gore, 1991 - 1993
RJ assembled 57 9198kb  
RJ0395 Readings about Info Tech Issues, 05/2006
RJ assembled 103 29819kb  
RJ0396 Some Storm Debates in 2004 - 03/2005
RJ authored & assembled 55 11310kb  
RJ0397 Health Care Issues 2003 - 2005 (No. 2)
RJ assembled 87 18517kb articles  
RJ0398 Health Care Issues 2003 - 2006 (No. 3)
RJ assembled 106 23108kb articles  
RJ0399 The Cultural Revolution in China
RJ assembled 29 4050kb  
RJ0400 Early Sfc Wx Obs in the USA & the World, 1800s-On
RJ authored & assembled 101 11439kb  
RJ0401 Summary Sheets about Old World Sfc Obs & UA Data
Roy Jenne 26 2967kb  
RJ0402 The US Drought of 1988. Link to Warming? No.
RJ authored & assembled 47 10263kb mostly articles  
RJ0403 IPCC Climate Research Summary, Feb 2007, News.
RJ assembled 62 23056kb articles  
RJ0404 Dataset Help, Climate & Energy Research, Talk f/Rich Keen Class
RJ authored & assembled 49 18739kb slides, charts  
RJ0405 Pacific Profiler Wind Data, Each 30 Mins, Remote Sites
( )
RJ authored & assembled 89 13067kb  
RJ0406 Hurricanes and Global Warming, A Debate 2004-2006, Part 1
RJ authored & assembled 128 31226kb mostly mag/newspaper articles  
RJ0407 Hurricanes and Global Warming, A Debate 2004-2006, Part 2
RJ authored & assembled 120 34581kb mostly mag/newspaper articles  
RJ0408 Global Warming, Storms, Sea Level, Policy Actions, Dissent
RJ authored & assembled 86 22003kb articles/excerpts  
RJ0409 Huge Ice Age Floods, NW USA
RJ assembled 18 3837kb book excerpt  
RJ0411 Hockey Stick Issues, Temperatures 1000 - 2000 AD
RJ authored & assembled 25 6397kb articles, excerpts  
RJ0412 Unstoppable Global Warming
RJ assembled 25 4480kb book excerpts  
RJ0413 Taken by Storm (book, 2002)
RJ authored & assembled 25 4286kb excerpt & others  
RJ0414 China in the Era of Mao and Deng
RJ assembled 32 6423kb book excerpts  
RJ0415 Secret Picture Archive of China Cultural Revolution
RJ assembled 60 15179kb book excerpts  
RJ0416 Some US Weather Events, 07/2006 - 03/2007
RJ assembled 43 18290kb articles  
RJ0417 How to Deliver Government Services, Blair, UK
RJ assembled 16 6545kb articles  
RJ0418 New Computers (at NCAR Mesa & Wyoming, 07/2007)
RJ authored & assembled 111 23540kb articles, charts, graphs  
RJ0419 Climate, Energy, and IPCC Issues (done 07/07)
RJ authored & assembled 110 26182kb  
RJ0420 Some Texts on Enviro Movements and Policy
RJ assembled 109 24353kb book excerpts  
RJ0421 Solar & Biomass Energy Issues, 2006 - 2007, Part 1
RJ authored & assembled 103 35628kb mainly articles  
RJ0422 Solar & Biomass Energy Issues, 2006 - 2007, Part 2
RJ authored & assembled 103 30498kb mainly articles  
RJ0423 Colorado Climate Center, Co-op; River Data, Etc.
RJ authored & assembled 25 3497kb RJ docs, CSU & USGS report  
RJ0424 New IPCC Climate Report has Options, Cost to Limit CO2 05/07
RJ assembled 32 11116kb articles  
RJ0425 Snotel: Snow Measurements Western USA; Russia; 1997
RJ authored & assembled 34 4983kb Gillespie/USDA report  
RJ0426 Staff Information for NCAR Divisions 1985-1990 and Recent
RJ assembled 55 7173kb  
RJ0427 Consensus; Issues in Science that Need Thought
RJ assembled 9 2268kb Michael Crichton lecture  
RJ0428 Bio Information and Projects for Roy Jenne, Data Support - Part 1
RJ authored & assembled 109 19311kb  
RJ0429 Bio Information and Projects for Roy Jenne, Data Support - Part 2
RJ authored & assembled 92 16159kb  
RJ0430 Summary of Data System Planning, for Science and Business
RJ authored & assembled 36 6448kb  
RJ0431 Russia Did Not Want to Sign Kyoto, They did 12/03
RJ assembled 14 3661kb  
RJ0432 Notes on World Raobs; China Obs Net; NMC Opnl Analysis 78-83
RJ authored & assembled 44 6381kb  
RJ0433 Trouble in FBI, Enron, World Com, More; 2002
RJ assembled 44 17774kb  
RJ0434 Cold War and Vietnam Information, 1945 - 1990
RJ assembled 57 15390kb